This Issue: We Could Be Heroes

We played quite a bit of Bowie at the office this month. The master of artistic self-transformation has a lot to teach to us in the corporate world, where the problems of change and continuity are fundamentally the same. His vigour and sophistication are inspiring, a combination of irony in form and sincerity in content nowhere more evident than in his song “Heroes”. Yes, we could be heroes.
Take care.

Albert, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
Wave of the Month
Three Factors Driving the Uberization of Talents

Albert examines the impact on the future organization of work of the three trends identified in the book Innovation Intelligence. Uberization is a buzzword that, in this case, paradoxically brings us back to an era of the past: welcome to the first industrial revolution, where there are no work contracts and where skills and talents enter the marketplace with no strings attached.

> read more (this article was originally published in the French edition of the Harvard Business Review)

Exploring Startupland:  Startup Index Quest | 2

Our Communication Manager Jacques pursues his exploration and discovers that San Francisco has already reached the stage of economic organization envisioned in the book Innovation Intelligence. He interprets it as further validation of the book’s thesis. The rest of his blog post talks about AngelList and its remarkable founder, Naval Ravikant.

Patched In: Hervé Arribart
Hervé Arribart is taking over the management of Presans Fellows, previously in the capable hands of Jacques Schmitt. Hervé’s career evolution is emblematic of the meta-expert type that lies at the core of the Presans model of expertise engagement. He took the time to answer a couple of our questions. If you read this you will learn a few things about Saint-Gobain, as well as why Tintin is more of a hero for Fellows than Professor Calculus.

Business Case: Oil & Gas

How do the disruptive trends identified in Innovation Intelligence impact the Oil & Gas Sector? Find out in our business case study, originally published in Pétrole & Gaz Informations #1837 (July / August 2015). Frankly, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess who Albert is talking about in this must-read article.

Program Preview:
  • February 11, 2016: Techinnov,  organized by the CCI Essonne, Raout 2015 partner.
  • February 24, 2016: Albert Meige talk on ‘Rupture Thinking’ @ TEDx École Polytechnique.
  • March 17-19, Deauville: Innovation Technology European Summit, organized by CRIP
  • April: Panel discussion on the digitalization of capital-intensive industries (HEC Advanced Technologies)
  • Magician Rémi Larrousse and Albert Meige are teaming up to deliver innovation magic seminars. Our Raout write-up has more details.  Hit us up if you feel the need to be enchanted. 
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Latest trends in innovation management
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