This Issue: The Game-Changer Mindset

Changing the game in an industry is the highest form of innovation. Even when our focus lies on incremental, or even breakthrough innovation, we should heed the lessons of disruption and understand its logic. Of course, for those who happen to be in town to change the world, or at least the way we do things in the world, adopting the true mindset of disruption is non-optional. 

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Albert, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
Wave of the Month
The Game Changer Mindset

Sure, disruption could wipe out your company. But before you decide to entirely transform your corporate culture to overcome this threat, read our post on why disruption is about a lot more than just change. In fact, companies can perish just as much from an excess of transformative desire as from a lack of collective energy.


Exploring Startupland:  Startup Index Quest | 4

This episode takes us into the heart of darkness of the startup industry: most of them fail and disappear. How do startup indexes handle this tough fact? Our Communication Manager Jacques answers the question by taking a look at the German startup scene.

Splash! : In 2033, you’ll be transferring, not working
This is the video and text of Albert Meige’s TEDx Polytechnique talk. Work is changing because of three massive trends that will reshape the way we employ our skills. Albert also considers the social impact of this coming transformation and whether we should want to have any part in it.

Pattern Catching: The Chief Innovation Officer should be in charge of new territories.

The role of the Chief Innovation Officer is to drive innovation across the whole company. Ultimately, he must ensure that innovation delivers business results. Beware: this function is still emerging, as we speak.

Program Preview:
  • April 6-7: Masterclass on innovation, Oslo
  • April 11: Panel discussion on the digitalization of capital-intensive industries (HEC Advanced Technologies)
  • Magician Rémi Larrousse and Albert Meige are teaming up to deliver innovation magic seminars. Hit us up if you feel the need to be enchanted.
  • June 9: Club Open Prospective, Pôle Lénoard de Vinci
  • June 13: Lunch and conference with Axelle Lemaire.
  • The video from Albert's TEDx Polytechnique talk should soon be up. Stay tuned for updates on our blog! #2033
  • NEXT ISSUE: The Digital-Industrial Complex: How G.E. Changed the Game
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