This Issue: The Digital-Industrial Complex

As I write this my family and myself are embarking upon a 130 km ski trek across the Norwegian snowscapes. Human beings need adventure in their life. Sometimes it’s not about disrupting others, but just about pushing your own limits. 

Take care.

Albert, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
Wave of the Month
GE: Digital Disruption Takeover?

Just at the time when GE is launching its new Predix platform, we decide to have a look into the reasons behind its existence. At Presans, we like to keep things adventurous, so don’t go in expecting the usual explanations.


Upper Echelon | First Business Performance Awards with special guest Jeremy Rifkin

Are you “guardedly hopeful” about the future? Find out why super-influential Jeremy Rifkin is. Also find out who hosted this ceremony, and who some of the winners were. How did Jacques end up there?

Profile | Robert Plana, Senior Engineer @ GE
A true veteran of open innovation, Robert Plana is currently evangelizing for Predix, a digital environment developed by GE for industrial clients, that you may or may not have heard of.

Pattern Catching | Roundtable: Managers from GE, Safran, Total, Airbus Discuss Digitalization

Earlier in April, Albert Meige, CEO of Presans and board member of the HEC Alumni Advanced Technology Group organized an interesting roundtable on the topic of the digitalization of “heavy industry”. Find out what the best question was during Q&A!

Patched Out | Albert Meige New Director of the Executive MBA of Institut Mines Telecom
Soon work will have disappeared and we’ll all be transferring our skills left and right. But until we get to that point, the above simply means Albert now has a second job. What will he be doing? Preparing others for the adventure of digital transformation, what else!

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