This Issue: Hero Mode Activated

Americans tend to view Europeans, and especially the French, with a mixture of envy and contempt. The reason? Our long vacations! Our vacation “mania” is even seen by some as a sign of “indefinite pessimism”. Of course, these Americans have it all wrong: our vacations only serve to re-energize our appetite for conquest — aren’t they what make “la rentrée” a special moment in the year for us?

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Albert, Entrepreneur & Enchanteur @ Presans
Wave of the Month
Think really big: Elon Musk

Presans has been proclaiming for close to a year that “new territories are up for grabs!” Some people got the message, others have always known it to be true. In this article we examine the story of a man who definitely belongs in the second category. Read this article to understand the vision behind Elon Musk's ventures. Note: at Presans, we also make ours Musk’s commandment to “get down to the fundamental laws of physics” — indeed, is there any other way to achieve breakthroughs?


Conceptual pit stop: Three meanings of the word ‘disruption’

A post to establish once and for all that ‘disruption’ is not just a buzzword. Note: now having distinguished the finer semantic nuances of this word, we here at Presans firmly intend to keep on using and abusing it without the slightest bit of remorse.

Breakthrough Factory: Interview with Albert Meige & Eric Kirstetter
The Breakthrough Factory is a new approach to systematically and efficiently create breakthrough innovations based on technology. Arthur D Little and Presans are partners in this brand new offering. Breakthrough Factory mastermind Eric Kirstetter, Partner at the ADL Paris office, and Albert Meige, Founder and CEO of Presans, give us their thoughts on the motivations behind this industrial open innovation game-changer.

Disruptive angle: Interview with Arthur Muller on innovation in the field of politics

It’s not just the worlds of business and technology that get hit by disruptive waves: politics, despite its numerous old-fashioned aspects, is hardly safe from innovative attempts to change the game. Read this article to find out how disruptive people like Emmanuel Macron or Donald Trump really are!

Exploration time: join our executive learning expedition to the Silicon Valley!

To acquire the game-changer mindset, the only thing that beats reading our articles is to immerse yourself in a trip to the Silicon Valley. This is your opportunity to do this together with Albert and his merry band of Executive MBA participants (24-28 October).

Top management evangelization: make a present to your boss!

Do you want your boss to know the latest trends in innovation management? Want him to know everything about the digital transformation? We will send him a free copy of our most recent book, on your behalf. Shoot us an email. (first arrived first served  :-) ).

Program Preview:
  • September 22: Didier Roux will be giving an EMBA Masterclass on the impact of digital in the construction industry.
  • October 7: Presans Annual Raout – get ready to be surprised. #raout
  • October 13: Albert Meige will speak the the French-Norwegian Day - Forum on Digital Transformation
  • November 21-25: Crowdsourcing Week, in Brussel. Albert will be there.
  • Magician Rémi Larrousse and enchanteur Albert Meige are teaming up to deliver innovation magic seminars. Hit us up if you feel the need to be enchanted.
  • NEXT ISSUE: The Eye of the metaexpert
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