This Issue: The Eye of the Meta-Expert

The challenge of combining vision and eclecticism is a question I face a lot, and I'm probably not alone in this situation. The problem is a familiar one to many of us: how to navigate between the twin perils of overextension and boring oversimplification? Tough question. At Presans, our Fellows have set a high bar in this department. They show us that in the end, there's only one way to find out how far the envelope can be pushed.

Take care and see you next month.

Albert, Entrepreneur & Enchanteur @ Presans
Wave of the Month
How much multipotentiality does innovation need?

Yes, we talk a lot about multipotentiality and Émilie Wapnick in this article. But in reality it's all about our Fellows, and why you need them in industrial open innovation. In a nutshell: Presans Fellows are the highest grade, strongest type of multipotentiality you can get on the market. 


Patched In: Interview with Philippe Perrier, Fellow @ Presans

Rafale, Hydroptère, heart valves... when it comes to multipotentiality, Philippe Perrier is the real deal. We're glad to report he's now on board with Presans and ready for deployment: just make sure you bring him a tough challenge.

Impressions: Ono-dit-Biot and de Loisy channel Houellebecq @ Palais de Tokyo
Let's see what you think of our attempt to make sense of the Houellebecq phenomenon. We believe there could be quite a few readers of his among our audience... Love him or hate him find out what makes this author tick.

Disruptive angle: Intellectual investor Charles Gave sees big waves on the horizon of politics

At Presans, we're not afraid of listening to anyone with a solid track record, even if what they have to say is super edgy. The only question is whether your socks will come off or not from reading this article. Let us know... 

Exploration time: join our executive learning expedition to the Silicon Valley!

To acquire the game-changer mindset, the only thing that beats reading our articles is to immerse yourself in a trip to the Silicon Valley. This is your opportunity to do this together with Albert and his merry band of Executive MBA participants (24-28 October).

Program Preview:
  • October 7: Presans Annual Raout – get ready to be surprised. #raout (booked out)
  • October 13: Albert Meige will speak at the French-Norwegian Day Forum on Digital Transformation (Oslo)
  • November 21-25: Crowdsourcing Week, in Brussels. Albert will be there.
  • NEXT ISSUE: Raout Game Changers.
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