This Issue: Raout Game Changers

At Presans, we build collective epiphanies, and our annual Raout event is part of this mission. New angles, new contacts, and new insights: this year's edition was a great success for our industrial open innovation community, and here I wish to extend my thanks to all those who were involved: the speakers who accepted our invitation: Frank, Charles and Vincent; the sponsors who supported us: CCI Essonne and Interaction Games; and the Presans team who made sure everything ran smoothly (you know who you are).

Take care and see you next month.

Albert, Entrepreneur & Enchanteur @ Presans
Wave of the Month
Raout Talks 2016: Disrupting education, politics and industry

This years talks were centered on the topic of disruption, but we opted for a broad scope to keep things interesting: 
  • Disruption in Education: MOOCs are books! (Frank Debouck)
  • Disruption in politics: the disintegration of the Eurozone (Charles Gave)
  • Disruption in the industry: industrial Internet will dwarf consumer Internet (Vincent Champain)
You can't have disruption without causing a bit of a stir, can you?


Powered by Presans: Raout 2016

Full coverage of this year's Presans Raout, sure to go down in the chronicles as the deepest edition yet, and we mean this in every sense of the word. Also find out how Presans’ experts solved a crime committed in the Catacombs of Paris.

Pattern Catching: An Eye on Digital Oil & Gas
Albert recently attended the Journées Annuelles des Hydrocarbures: read his report to keep up with what's going on in the energy sector, as well as with several familiar faces.

Exploring Startupland: News from the symbiotic transfer economy front

Some of the startups that will build the transfer economy have probably already been created, but the road to the future looks bumpy. Discover job on demand. Work on demand. Employment on demand etc.

Profiled: Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans

L'ADN magazine featured Albert as an "innovation superhero". They wanted to know why his title was “CEO & Enchanteur” and about what connects innovation and magic. I like that the wordplay in the title only works if you're French.

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