This Issue: Vision for a Different Future

In my vision of Open Innovation and Open Organizations, I equate openness with excellence and impertinence
Excellence: Presans has a strong focus on science, industry and technology, as well as on expertise to ensure that value is delivered.
Impertinence: Presans always takes a fresh look at the issues and does not hesitate to shake up the established consensus.
Walls are there to be breached.

Take care and see you next month.

Albert, Entrepreneur & Enchanteur @ Presans
Wave of the Month
Presans Outlook 2017: Our Vision of the Future

Presans’ specificity resides in the combination of Fellows, big data and a unique methodology, as well as a focus on science and technology. But why does Presans exist in the first place? Find out in this statement of our vision for a different future.


Visiting the Past of the Future: Technological Museum Quest | 1. Getting Started

The future may not be what you think it is. The purpose of museums isn't to store knowledge. The most epic article published on OYI has never been translated into English. Read this article, especially if you have a Twitter account.

Conceptual Pit Stop: Hero Question Quest | 1. Musil
At Presans, we take heroes seriously (we even have an ongoing series dedicated to the heroes of disruption). Join us in this first episode of our exploration of the power of the hero question!

Pattern Catching: Are GAFAs Still Marginal Players in the Energy Sector?

Albert recently interviewed Philippe Torrion, Director of Strategy and Innovation at EDF. This article (in French) identifies the three main disruptive trends in the domain of electricity production, as perceived from the point of view of the biggest player in France. 

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After over a year of regular publications, we think it's time for a reality check. We intend to improve the blog's content in the coming months, and we want to integrate your feedback. 

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