HIT BY A WAVE February 2018
This issue: Wanted! Inspiring Missions
Our society is complex. It evolves somewhere between order and chaos, in search of meaning. We find this meaning when we have a mission that inspires us. This happens at all levels of our lives.
Even at the corporate level, despite our propensity to deconstruct myths. 
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Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
The quest for the inspiring mission
The notion of inspiring mission plays a crucial role in coordinating and engaging with open organizations. In this article, Albert Meige undertakes a deeper analysis of this notion. The paths he is currently exploring could prove to be surprizing for many of our readers.

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How Armand Hatchuel analyzes companies like Uber
Far removed from comfort zones and happy talk, Armand Hatchuel, Professor at Mines ParisTech, conducts a challenging theoretical reflection upon the fate of organizations.
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An analysis of the Sadin vs Meige debate
In a recent debate on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and technological disruption, Éric Sadin called Albert Meige a managerialist ideologue. Is this true? A philosophical exercise.
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5 Quick insights on 3D printing
This fact sheet on 3D printing and additive manufacturing summarizes what our Fellows have noticed as a result of their participation in Presans Platform missions.
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Media Review
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