HIT BY A WAVE April 2018
This issue : Kodak • AI • MSE Digital Transformation • Blockchain
Our open society needs heroes. Let us salute Arnaud Beltrame’s sacrifice for the fatherland. Our human society needs visionaries: “The development of a complete artificial intelligence could put an end to the human race,” said Stephen Hawking, who left us not long ago. I read his Brief History of Time at the age of 14. A book that shaped my mind and my perception of reality.
The MIT severed its ties with startup Nectome, but humanity won’t abandon its dream of immortality.
Let’s live the present moment to its fullest.
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Kodak: the memory merchant that became a memory
This article introduces the seminar that will take place on April 17, 2018 and is jointly organized by Total, HEC and Presans on the missed digital turn of Kodak (see below), with the exceptional presence of Steven Sasson, the inventor of digital photography.

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AI: the French touch
President Macron recently shared some details of the French AI strategy. Can ethics be the killer app of the French strategy? 

Axens: the digital transformation of an MSE
Axens is currently accelerating its digital transformation to provide its customers with new data access services. Learn about Presans’ contribution in this project.

Blockchain: revolution or speculation?
Primavera de Filippi, one of Europe’s leading blockchain experts, explains the challenges of this new technology in light of technology cycles and the fourth industrial revolution.
Seminar: Kodak’s missed digital turn, seen from the inside
Steve Sasson, the inventor of the digital camera, will exceptionally be in Paris. He will tell a select audience the true story of how Kodak missed the digital turn. This event, hosted by Albert Meige, is jointly organized by Presans, Total, and HEC. Seats are very limited. Request an invitation by completing the form thereunder.
Time & place: April 17th, 19:00, Paris.

Media Review
  • Emmanuel Macron talks about France's AI strategy, WIRED
  • There Are Worries European Technology Will Be Left Behind, Bloomberg
  • How Tencent’s medical ecosystem is shaping the future of China’s healthcare, TechNode
  • How Kodak Missed The Turn…, Open Your Innovation
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