HIT BY A WAVE May 2018
This issue: Bill Gates • Steve Sasson • Autonomous Vehicles • Open State
Why do we at Presans take an interest in people like Bill Gates and Steve Sasson? For the same reason that we have Presans Fellows: though beyond the age of retirement, innovative minds continue to make enormous contributions to our society.
On another note: our blog just had a make-over. But it retains its fundamental inspiration: to explore with our readers the themes of innovation, technology, digital transformation—and their heroes!
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Bill Gates: Hero of Capitalism and of Human Progress
Though one should not reduce history to the actions of great men, it would be foolish to try comprehending history without studying them. In this spirit, we’ve written in the past on Elon Musk, Xavier Niel and Jeff Bezos. It is about time we examined the story of Bill Gates. What is the main theme of the still active career of this entrepreneur turned philanthropist?

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A Sage of Innovation visits Paris
As promised, Steve Sasson came, saw, and conquered Paris. Read our recap of this unique event with of the inventor of digital photography.

Six Quick Insights on the Autonomous Vehicle
This fact sheet on autonomous vehicles summarizes what our Fellows found to be of significance in the context of Presans Platform activities. 

The Open State
The digital transformation of the French State is accelerating: new action plans and reports have just been released. What is their ambition?
Media Review
  • SpaceX’s President is thinking even bigger than Elon Musk, Wired
  • How Bill Gates is Using Cryptocurrency Ripple to Fight Global Poverty, Moneywise
  • AI will spell the end of capitalismWashington Post
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