HIT BY A WAVE June 2018
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We live in a world of flows: matter, information, human beings… everything is in motion, everything is connected—almost constantly (this includes our website: do not let the new URL disorientate you!) These flows become exhausting, even dislocating. The remedy against this fatigue, which is above all a fatigue of meaning, lies in the magic of places, in the power of places that are truly elsewhere… It is a quest for many of us to find and get to such places.
A great captain of industry has left us on May 28th. Serge Dassault has made his mark in many fields, and we salute his memory.
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Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
Are entrepreneurs explorers ? Or is it the other way around ?
Explorers such as Fridtjof Nansen perform feats so far removed from our ordinary lives that it is easy to lose sight of the universal element contained in their actions. In this article, Albert Meige takes inspiration from the figure of the explorer to reflect on the traits that constitute the entrepreneur.

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Mulliez and the digital transformation: the Empire strikes back
Are you familiar with the Mulliez Group ? A French retail empire weighing in at 70 billion euros turnover, 400,000 employees, and dozens of known brands in France and the world: Auchan, Leroy Merlin and Decathlon, just to name a few. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Mulliez Group in our age of digital transformation ?

Garmin vs. Suunto: the secret of a successful digital transformation
In this article, we take the example of two companies specialized in high-end connected sport watches: Garmin and Suunto. On at least two of the five specificities of open organizations, Garmin is much more advanced than Suunto, granting the former company a competitive edge. Find out which ones… 

Case Study: TOTAL’s search for new molecules
Presans is the ideal partner to safely and confidently accelerate the opening of an industry group to external expertise, as shown by this case study based on a mission with TOTAL. TOTAL, energy producer and provider, is the world’s 4th-ranked international oil and gas company and a major player in low-carbon energies.
Media Review
  • New Technologies Won’t Reduce Scarcity, but Here’s Something That Might, Harvard Business Review
  • How to get rich (without getting lucky), Naval
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