HIT BY A WAVE July 2018
This issue: ThrustMe • TESLA • SpaceX • Killer Apps
Elon Musk elicits strong responses, especially in the world of industry. Positive or negative: is he a visionary entrepreneur or an illusionist? What’s bothering some might be that it’s so useful to be adept at the latter to have a chance of becoming the former… Useful but not necessary. Our article on ThrustMe gives in my opinion the perfect example of industrial ambition without the slightest trace of hoo-ha. Just the sort of pure entrepreneurship we’d like to see more of.
In any case, being an entrepreneur is about transgressing established norms.
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ThrustMe is THE French aerospace startup. We took advantage of the inauguration event at their new HQ to meet key players of the NewSpace and DeepTech ecosystems. Their message was loud and clear : de-industrialization is over.

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SpaceX: Occupy Mars
Elon Musk’s communication stunts cause irritation or delight, but the logic behind SpaceX is implacable: a stance supported by the open organizations analytical grid.

TESLA: Do or Die
The current crisis at Tesla is not without precedent in its own history, however brief. This article puts things in historical perspective before sketching out three outcome scenarios.

Killer Apps on the prowl
This article discusses and clarifies the notion of killer apps to show that it corresponds to the best, though often unacknowledged way for open organizations to implement their platform strategy.
Media Review
  • Exploring Terra Incognita: Leading transformation in a world of digital disruption, Access EMBA Guide 2018-2019 p.135, HEC Paris
  • Functionalization: a key to survivalIEDP Developing Leaders
  • Max Tegmark: How to get empowered, not overpowered, by AITED
  • Interview with Steve Sasson, the inventor of digital photographyHEC Paris
  • An insider’s view on how Kodak missed the digital turn, Presans
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