HIT BY A WAVE September 2018
This issue: DARPA • Digital transformation at Thales • Renewable Energy • Super-Insulators
It’s “la rentrée” here in France and Presans is in full upgrade mode! New product team, new platform, new sites ... new thinking too, which we will soon be sharing with you ... a new impetus towards a more uncertain and conflictual world, but also, paradoxically, an ever more open world. As an anecdote, this impression was reinforced by a recent trip to China with one of our clients. A beautiful country combining openness, dynamism and authoritarianism … an experience that leads us to question some dear-held certainties, and also to reaffirm with confidence who we are.


Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
In a world of new conflicts, technological leadership requires open organizations
The rivalries between great powers have become much more intense in recent years. In some respects, we are returning to the late 1950s. The proof is in the success of the DARPA model abroad, starting with Russia. The key to this model lies in its openness to technological talent wherever it originates from... “An army without experts on demand is exactly like a man without eyes or ears.” That is probably what Sun Tzu would have said if he had lived in our time.

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Open Organization of the month: Thales Digital Factory
Our report on an event organized on September 3, 2018 by the Aerospace, Defense and Security Club of HEC Alumni, at the initiative of Jérôme Bouquet, member of the Board.

Five quick insights on renewable energy storage options
This fact sheet on renewable energy storage options summarizes important facts that our Fellows have noticed as a result of their participation in Presans Platform missions.

Case Study: Subsea7 takes good look a thermal super-insulators
In 2017, Presans provided a comprehensive overview of the field of thermal insulators for Subsea7, an oil services company specializing in undersea infrastructure.
Media Review
Presans: disruption, transformation, open organizations, future of work
Presans is the leader of industrial open innovation in France. We help you expand your horizon with external expertise. We also help you project yourself beyond the frontier of current work structures.
Latest trends in innovation management
In this book, the authors provide an up-to-date overview of the latest trends in innovation management. Innovation Intelligence has been ranked #2 on Amazon in the innovation category.

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