HIT BY A WAVE November 2018
This issue: Thales • MBDA • China • Defense Innovation Agency
Do you know what the DARPA is? If not, you'll be pleased to learn that it is historically thanks to this agency that you are receiving this newsletter, since it invented the Internet... to support its main role of sherpa for the exploration of technological frontiers. A role that we at Presans also strive to play at our, certainly much more modest, level.
I dare to say that Presans is a kind of a small DARPA, operating on demand at the request of the actors of industrial innovation. An open platform fed by your audacity. A team that is always available when it comes to understanding your industrial challenges, and finding and mobilizing talent, wherever it is.  Talent that your innovations need.
From Paris with love,
Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
New whitepaper official release!
Presans is proud to announce the launch of its new whitepaper co-branded with HEC Paris Executive Education on Open Organizations and Digital Transformation. 
In this Whitepaper, we uncover and describe :
  • The three underlying trends that are disrupting value chains and traditional companies.
  • The five characteristics that organizations must adopt to survive and grow.
  • The Open Organization Gauge applied to few case studies.

Thales leaves nothing to chance
After having recently mentioned Thales' digital transformation through the prism of its Digital Factory, this time we focus on the innovation strategy of France's defence sector giant. The rise of digital technology, therefore, but also the mastery of critical information systems and verticalization towards greater proximity to the end user are the ingredients of a new strategy that leaves no room for surprises. Explanations with Albert Meige and Marko Erman, Director of Research and Technology.

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Case study: how MBDA uses the Presans Conciergerie
After a few months of using the Presans Conciergerie service, time savings, panoramic synthesis, and ease of use are now available for MBDA teams. Discover the ingredients of the magic recipe!
Trump won’t prevent Chinese innovation
China’s innovation capabilities are increasing and the rivalry with the United States is not going to contain, but instead reinforce this trend.

France has a brand new Defense Innovation Agency
The recent creation of the Defense Innovation Agency confirms that for France as well, technological leadership in a world of conflicts requires openness.
Media Review
  • Albert Meige : leading transformation in a world of digital disruption, Access MBA
Presans: top talents and experts. All over the world. On request.
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Latest trends in innovation management
In this book, the authors provide an up-to-date overview of the latest trends in innovation management. Innovation Intelligence has been ranked #2 on Amazon in the innovation category.

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