HIT BY A WAVE February 2019
This issue: DYSTOPIA • VR • Big Data • Deep Learning
I am a fan of new technologies. I am a fan of new technologies especially when they improve my efficiency. I am a fan of these technologies, but at the same time I am extremely worried about their negative externalities. I see these externalities affect my children, our society, our institutions, our companies, etc. This is why we have created DYSTOPIA, a unique event giving participants access to the cutting-edge of technological knowledge, all while exploring the societal, ethical, and philosophical impacts. If you recognize yourself in these lines, join us on March 5th and 6th for DYSTOPIA!
Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
Dystopia : Technology for better… or for worse
DYSTOPIA 2019 is dedicated to man-machine interactions. Interfaces between the two have applications in all industrial sectors. The underlying technologies go all the way from simple touch-screen to brain-computer interfaces. DYSTOPIA is at the point of convergence between the views of the manufacturer, the academic, the artist, and the thinker. This brings participants access to the cutting-edge of technological knowledge, all while exploring the societal, ethical, and philosophical impacts. We have invited over twenty exceptional speakers for you.
With the "Fast Movers" pricing, you seats are at 215€ instead of the normal 295€. You have until 6pm on February 22nd, 2019, to reserve your tickets with this special rate! 
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Addicted to VR!
Our technology review takes stock of recent advances in virtual reality, highlighting the importance of the philosophical and ethical questions that this interface technology raises.

Big data: not going anywhere
Unlike some who would announce the end of big data, we think big data is here to stay and will continue having a lasting impact on the evolution of our information systems.

The Strangeness of deep learning
The applications of deep learning have been for fifteen years at the heart of the rise of the theme of artificial intelligence Some of its applications are frankly unsettling.
Media Review
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