HIT BY A WAVE March 2019
This issue: DYSTOPIA • AI • Drones • Faurecia
Those who have been following us over a long time already figured ou DYSTOPIA is the successor to the old Presans Raout. The continuity lies in the spirit of freedom, in the yearning to make an event that breaks the mold… a show where the unforeseen can happen at any instant. The success of this first edition est also that of all of our partners and of all our team: thank you to all and see you next year at the next edition of this adventure.
Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
What you thought of DYSTOPIA 2019
A look back on DYSTOPIA 2019, the new alternative tech event, to share the feedback we received, as well as some reflections on the collective energy that brought together, kept on their seats and thrilled over 220 people with pessimistic technological scenarios and a lot else during an entire day.

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Faurecia : in search of unalterable beauty
The automotive supplier Faurecia used Presans to find the best scientific partner specialized in preserving the beauty of decorative materials.

Into the Drone Age
Drones define our era, and could become the emblem of the replacement of the real by the virtual, of man by robots, and of nature by technology.

The geopolitics of AI & social networks
DYSTOPIA 2019 highlighted how the USA, China and Europe differently approach the impact of technologies on society.
Media Review
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