September 2022


This issue: Disruptive Future of Food


10 years ago, the first agri-food project Presans worked on was about light edible oil – fat-free fat! Since then, we tackled with our clients many something-free food projects. Sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, animal-protein-free, plastics-free, and so on.

Even if it seems that we keep removing stuff from food, the agri-food landscape is getting more and more complex. More and more at the convergence of industries and scientific disciplines. 

In this issue we are diving into the agri-food complexity, and hopefully, you’ll end up with complexity-free insights 🙂.

Darko Jesic, COO @ Presans


The food value chain has changed dramatically over recent years – and promises to continue transforming, with ecosystems becoming ever more complex. Based on a comprehensive study carried out with three major players in the food value chain, Presans’ and Arthur D. Little’s latest article explores the trends and scenarios shaping the future of food.


Nutrition, ageing and Covid-19: Latest scientific insights


The objective of the paper is to explore seniors’ increased vulnerability to COVID-19, their gut microbiota imbalance, and to suggest a few ways to intervene in order to lower the risk of coronavirus infection in seniors with or without underlying disease.


Interview with Sandra Einerhand, former Scientific Program Director at Danone and Explorer at Presans


Sandra Einerhand is passionate about science and innovation and likes to assist customers by bringing their products to market more efficiently, more sustainably, with benefits based on science, and with a clear story of enduring success.


In meatspace, chicken is a type of vegetable


Future of meat: Let's explore the triangle of sustainability, transparency and authenticity. 


Sustainable plastics and plastic substitutes can find a spot in your technology portfolio


Technologies to get out of unsustainable plastics are seeking a spot in your technological portfolio.


Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge


The Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge offers ingredient startups targeting the Food and Beverages sector, an opportunity to develop their innovative projects through a specialised support programme.

Entries will be open until 30 September 2022.


Whitepaper: Experts Create Problems


In this Whitepaper, we uncover and describe :

  • Three distinct species of experts;
  • Essential skills of experts;
  • How companies can better leverage experts.

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Latest trends in innovation management


In this book, the authors provide an up-to-date overview of the latest trends in innovation management. Innovation Intelligence has been ranked #2 on Amazon in the innovation category.