Calls for Expertise & Innovation Contests

Your leading Open Innovation service: five million experts to help you find insights for various business and innovation issues!

  • Support  a strategic decision
  • Industrialize a new technology
  • Identify key players in a foreign country
  • Find disruptive technologies
  • Get the latest trends
  • Discover new applications / markets

Our Clients typically look for time-critical support on specific questions and projects in order to speed up strategic decisions, broaden and objectify knowledge, become aware of the latest technological trends,  find fresh ideas or disruptive technologies, identify and qualify new key partners in an emerging country, discover novel applications or markets etc. Presans provides the best answer to your need by organizing Calls for Expertise. Presans is your partner in Innovation Intelligence !

Presans' Call-for-Expertise Process

How do Calls for Expertise work?

A Call for Expertise identifies, qualifies and engages world-leading experts who provide the best answers to your need.

1. Convert

PRESANS reformulates your need

Your business need is reformulated leveraging PRESANS’s methodology to foster the best and less expected answer from our team, our Senior Consultants and our network of 5 000 000 experts. This process is called the Conversion.

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I know what I need, why do you need to reformulate it?

With the Conversion, you will:

  • Be sure to address the right need,
  • Build, inside your organization, a shared & precise understanding of the need and of its strategic context,
  • Establish the right balance between, on the one hand, excessively domain-specific need formulation, and on the other hand, over-simplified need formulation. The first kills creativity, the second attracts irrelevant expertise.
  • Make the need understandable by experts outside your organization and outside your core-business,
  • Conceal strategic information related to the need without loss of need information,
  • Improve the ROI of Innovation Intelligence and make sure that your Call for Expertise is not just a message in a bottle.

What is the Conversion in practice?

The Conversion consists in the organization of one or several workshops with you and your staff (internal experts, marketing specialists, innovation managers etc.). The Conversion involves one of our senior project managers and one of our Senior Consultants.

The output of the Conversion are need Specifications written by our Senior Consultant.

2. Hunt

PRESANS locates the right experts

With the help of our search team and proprietary X-Search technology, we source, qualify and engage hard-to-reach experts within an extremely short timeframe to tackle your need.

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How do you hunt experts in practice?

Thanks to our proprietary X-Search expertise mapping technology, we automatically contact potential experts capable of addressing your need and invite them to submit a short proposal. Our approach to expert hunting maximizes both relevance and cross-field fertilization (take a look at concrete case studies). The short proposals submitted by candidates already constitute an extremely rich source of information for you because of the diversity of approaches they propose to answer your need. Based on our synthesis of the proposals, you will select one or several experts.

3. Deliver

PRESANS delivers answers to your needs

In accordance with the need Specifications and her original submission, the selected expert carries out the mission to fully address your need and writes the final mission report.

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This last phase is not a black-box: to maximize the alignment between the original client’s need, the Specification and the final answer delivered, PRESANS’s project manager and Senior Consultant constantly interact with the Selected Expert to guaranty that the project is on track.

A published methodology

The Call for Expertise process developed by PRESANS has been published in the book A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, co-authored by Albert Meige (founder of PRESANS) and foreworded by Henry Chesbrough (father of Open Innovation).