Expertise and Competency Mapping

State-of-the-art data-mining technology to map and profile worldwide experts!

  • Expertise & Competency Mapping
  • Find experts worldwide with X-Search
  • Map expertise and competencies in your organization
  • Embed expert search on your website
  • Include your expertise in our database

Describe the expert you need (keywords, concepts, the name of another “similar” expert etc.) and let X-Search suggest the most relevant ones in the world or where you need them.

With over 10 millions researchers and engineers in R&D in the world, 4.5 million scientific articles published and 1 million patents approved per year, the current scientific and technological pressure has never been so strong. Marc Giget, Innovation Management Professor, CNAM


The first Worldwide Expert Discovery Engine

PRESANS has been developing X-Search over a period of four years. X-Search is the first worldwide expert search and discovery engine, and aims to better serve you with innovative solutions. X-Search relies on patent-pending technologies developed in partnership with leading institutions such as the Ecole Polytechnique.

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Expertise profiling and competence mapping

X-Search has analyzed several hundreds of millions of scientific documents and has automatically built the profiles of over five million experts in the world.

The revolutionary technology of web-mining that we have developed performs a worldwide automatic mapping of skills and expertise, based on inputs that include research center corporate websites, scientific publications, patents etc. The X-Search self-generated database now contains over five million expert profiles, with a focus on Europe, Northern America, India, China and Brazil.

From searching to exploring

X-Search brings intuition and relevance into expert search.

A database of five million experts is useless unless you have the tools to identify and qualify the most relevant ones to address your particular need. We’ve also developed amazing algorithms to find and discover the most relevant experts to address the very specific needs of our clients: beyond the simple keyword search, the system suggests experts based on intuitive criteria defined by the user.


One technology, various products

X-Search: five million experts at your fingertips for free

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Go to, describe your need in the search bar and X-Search will suggest within seconds a list of relevant experts. All that for free!

X-Search Transparency: map your organization

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Your organization becomes transparent! X-Search Transparency is a white-label software allowing you to crawl, index & structure your corporate information system (intranet, wiki etc.). X-Search Transparency leverages PRESANS web-mining technology to generate a pre-populated expert network within your company or research organization. X-Search Transparency allows you to map your organization expertise to

  • Find in-house Expertise and give rapid answers to partners
  • Promote your research

X-Search API: developed your own apps based on our API

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Give access to an expert search engine on your website with the X-Search Widget! Click here to see an example. Contact us to find out more!

Calls for Expertise: the best way to use X-Search!

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If what you really want is quality and a direct answer to your need, you should consider the option of launching a Presans Call for Expertise. If you’d prefer to organize your own Calls for Expertise or “Challenges”, but don’t want to develop your own technology and expert network from scratch, you should contact us to become a partner and leverage our integrated Call for Expertise solution.

Research & Innovation strategy at PRESANS

PRESANS is a “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (Young Innovating Company). We invest in Research & Innovation to continuously improve our technology and high-end services. Our technology benefits from our joint efforts with cutting-edge partners. We are strongly involved in European collaborative Research & Development programs.

PRESANS accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

PRESANS is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research for the CIR*.

*CIR: tax return on R&D.