HIT BY A WAVE • June 2019


This issue : Future of Food


We've been asked to do this for quite a while: this month's report focuses on innovation in the agri-food industry. Trends, new technologies, forward thinking…  we took an interest in everything related to the subject … and we are also going beyond that by launching a Synergy Factory on the "Future of Food" with our industrial partners. Don't hesitate to tell us which themes you would like to see us discuss in the future!
I have to go, I’m taking part in a 100km ultra-trail on the mountain peaks of Arctic Norway … and I’m taking my Guide Michelin with me !

Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans


Maximizing the effectiveness of prospective research by involving a group of industrial companies (between 3 and 5): that’s the reason behind our new SYNERGY FACTORY open innovation shared service. Several companies have already started to make good use of this system, which delivers considerable benefits (cost mutualisation, risk mitigation and speed.)

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The Corn Flakes Oracle


What we will eat in the future is determined by collective trends and challenges, some of which are already known today. What answers will we bring to these trends and challenges?


Future of Food: the big issues


Our report on a meetup about the future of food that may also serve as a quick update concerning the agri-food global agenda and its main actors, issues, and actions.


New food technologies


Our Presans Fellows have identified three segments of the agri-food value chain that are currently being disrupted by new technologies.


Annual Dinner


It’s dinner time in 2131. Paris is affected by a strange illness, but this won’t stop Victoria from discovering new foods and friends!


         Media Review


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Latest trends in innovation management


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