HIT BY A WAVE • January 2020


This issue : The future of human-machine interfaces


Over time, the privileged position occupied by Presans in the global industrial system has led us with increasing ease to identify technological themes of common interest to several sectors. One of these themes is Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), to which we devote this month's dossier. The great wave of digital transformation continues to unfurl, and Presans provides more and more support to industrial companies that approach this transformation in a spirit of conquest. If this describes you, let’s talk!

On behalf of the whole Presans team, I wish you an enterprising and conquest-rich year 2020: excellent and impertinent!

Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanter @ Presans


Case study: HMI Synergy Factory for a group of three industrial partners including Framatome


At the top of this month’s edition, a presentation of Presans' Synergy Factory service: three leading players, including Framatome, decide to form a community of industrial interest based on the theme of new human-machine interface systems. Read our case study and let us know what theme you’d like your Synergy Factory to focus on!


A general introduction to the topic of HMIs


A quick overview of what’s going on in the rapidly evolving field of human-machine interactions, from automobiles to video games.


Nothing can stop them: new HMIs for cars


Long immutable in its general form, the human-automobile interaction system is about to be turned upside down by the digital transformation.


Don’t lose sight of the human system – Interview on HMIs with Bernard Favre, Fellow Presans


In this interview, Presans Fellow and expert on mobility Bernard Favre shares his key ideas on the evolution of man-machine interfaces. Warning: he’s quite a surprising character!


Conference by Albert Meige


Albert Meige's lectures bring together audiences of up to 2000 people. He regularly participates in round tables with ministers, philosophers, writers and CEOs of CAC 40 companies.

Hire Albert for an inspiring keynote, conference, seminar, round table or workshop on innovation, digital disruption and transformation, the future of organizations, the future of work... or even about magic!


Open Organization: The way forward with digital transformation


In this Whitepaper, we uncover and describe :

  • The three underlying trends that are disrupting value chains and traditional companies.
  • The five characteristics that organizations must adopt to survive and grow.
  • The Open Organization Gauge applied to few case studies.

         Media Review

  • “The Emergence of Open Organizations”, Albert Meige, HEC Paris;
  • Top Experts Speak At Fi Conference And Future Of Nutrition Summit, World Bakers;

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Latest trends in innovation management


In this book, the authors provide an up-to-date overview of the latest trends in innovation management. Innovation Intelligence has been ranked #2 on Amazon in the innovation category.