February 2020

  Presans : the leading open innovation consulting firm  

This issue : 10 years of Presans


February 2020.

Presans is exactly 10 years old.

I still remember initialling the 11 copies of the statutes... 

Already 10 years... during which Presans developed a consulting platform, collaborated with the largest industrial groups to feed their R&I roadmaps, to accelerate hundreds of innovation projects... 

10 years during which Presans has spread its vision of innovation in companies, schools, administrations... and has even been able to gather the world of industrial innovation around excellent and impertinent events.

10 years that Presans exists thanks to its collaborators, partners and customers. 

Thank you very much!

Thanks also to my friend David Babinet, film producer, and his team. Thank you for the magnificent birthday present you gave us: a film in the image of Presans: excellent and impertinent.

Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans


The Expert is once again at the heart of industrial innovation


An outline of the dynamics within the world of industrial innovation in the years 2010, as an introduction to our forthcoming whitepaper on scientific and technological expertise.


Excellence and impertinence of the Internet in the past decade


The excellence and impertinence of the 2010s can also be found in the disruptions brought by the Internet. 


Cognitive chipmunks like getting together


Why it was almost inevitable that PRESANS would start organizing events.


A question to add to Proust's questionnaire


We asked ourselves and those around us what had been excellent and impertinent—the two values of Presans—during the past decade. The answers are quite interesting and we will continue to develop this theme throughout 2020.


Open Organization: The way forward with digital transformation


In this Whitepaper, we uncover and describe :

  • The three underlying trends that are disrupting value chains and traditional companies.
  • The five characteristics that organizations must adopt to survive and grow.
  • The Open Organization Gauge applied to few case studies.

         Media Review

  • “The Emergence of Open Organizations”, Albert Meige, HEC Paris;
  • Top Experts Speak At Fi Conference And Future Of Nutrition Summit, World Bakers;

Presans: top talents and experts. All over the world. On request.


Take advantage of our vast network of more than 6M talents, experts and technologists and meet the most complex industrial challenges! Technological problem solving, strategic decision support.... Overcome these obstacles one by one with our services!

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Latest trends in innovation management


In this book, the authors provide an up-to-date overview of the latest trends in innovation management. Innovation Intelligence has been ranked #2 on Amazon in the innovation category.