HIT BY A WAVE October 2018
This issue: Mobility • China • Renault • SNCF
For this issue on mobility, let's keep an eye on what's happening on Tesla's side. From our previous analysis (almost 20k views and 1k likes on LinkedIn), it seems that scenario 2 is coming to fruition. Elon Musk still remains at the head of the company, but for how long?
On the Presans side, the “rentrée” led to a total revamping of our sites, starting with the presans.com site, which I warmly invite you to rediscover! Our platform of experts for industrial innovation has never been so successful with our customers.
From Paris with love,
Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
New look for a new website!
Presans is proud to announce the launch of its new website presans.com! Its responsive design will allow you to (re)discover our services and benefits more clearly and airily on your computer, tablet or smartphone. But above all, you will now be able to put a face on the members of our team who continue to inspire the greatest industrial decision-makers of our time!

Total: the future Amazon of mobility ?
This article raises some thoughts on the transformation of the mobility market both from the point of view of Amazon, the champion of customer experience, and from the perspective of a major energy player, with businesses deployed across the entire value chain: Total.
Amazon perfectly embodies the power of digital platforms, as they are able to challenge the hierarch of any given value chain, regardless of the industry. Total, for its part, shows specific strengths in the race to build dominant platforms… Indeed, all starting points are not equal in the race to digital transformation.

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Renault: capable of anything
The current performance of the Renault group in China and India is disappointing. Is this a worrying failure or, on the contrary, have we seen nothing yet of what Renault is really capable of?

SNCF: “Oui” to open organization ?
The ultimate stronghold of the post-war French mixed economy appears to have finally submitted to reform. Will this change lead to better management? A better customer experience? A better ability to invest in the future?

Innovation in China: Big, Fast, Transparent
Key players in China's innovation are the state, private equity, and startups. In this article, Albert shares his impressions from a recent trip to a country where innovation in the mobility space is massive!
Media Review
  • Albert Meige : leading transformation in a world of digital disruption, Access MBA
  • Max Tegmark: How to get empowered, not overpowered, by AITED
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