HIT BY A WAVE December 2018
This issue: Talent on demand • MBDA • Quidli • Gérard Mourou
Like many of us, I was taken by surprise by the Yellow Vest movement that recently entered the public spaceI think that this surprise has a lot to do with the utopian attitude we tend to adopt when thinking about the future. The danger of utopias is that they make it too easy for us to ignore the suffering, the anger, the distrust that exist in the real world. Here and now. In the public space. Yellow Vests is the real world knocking at the door of politics. And the real world can be surprising. As to our utopian way of thinking about the future, I think a wise move would be to give more attention to the dark side of utopias. To go looking for the bad surprises they tend to conceal. In other words, to start taking a more serious interest in dystopias.
Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
Dystopia : Technology for better… or for worse
DYSTOPIA is an ecosystem-based alternative event exploring the impact of technology on society, to help build a humanly desirable future.
DYSTOPIA approaches technologies and their applications from the angle of their dystopian potential. An essential angle that will allow participating companies and organizations to better measure the desires and resistances to adoption caused by the dissemination of new technologies..
The 2019 edition of DYSTOPIA, whose theme was set with the Innovation Directors from 5 major industrial groups, deals with the convergence and the interaction between technology and people.
The new generation of talent on demand platforms is out to get you
Ingenious new players in the talent-on-demand space are now competing to develop the killer app of the future of work. Drawing on Presans' experience, Jacques Knight proposes in this article three key ingredients for on demand talent platforms: rethinking the motivation of talents, rethinking user communities, and stabilizing the business model.
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Case study: Presans pricks a technological bubble for MBDA
MBDA turns to Presans Platform to examine the industrial potential of a new research area. Also: find out how we sometimes turn clients into Fellows!

Quidli and the future of work
What would a company look like where each contributor's share of the company goes up or down in real time, as a function of his contributions? Welcome in the world of Quidli.

Gérard Mourou and his lasers of extreme power
Our Optical Fellow Philippe Aubourg, former President of the Société Française d’Optique, talks about the career of Gérard Mourou, Nobel Prize in Physics 2018.
Media Review
  • Albert Meige : leading transformation in a world of digital disruption, Access MBA
Techinnov 2019 : One day, 100% business & innovation
Created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Essonne, Techinnov is the reference event in the French innovation ecosystem. It brings together high level business forum participants and provides a trade show level of visibility to companies2000 Top policymakers meet through 15,000 appointments scheduled in advance and doubly validated on the basis of motivated appointment requests. Presans is an official partner of Techinnov 2019, and proudly so.

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Latest trends in innovation management
In this book, the authors provide an up-to-date overview of the latest trends in innovation management. Innovation Intelligence has been ranked #2 on Amazon in the innovation category.

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