HIT BY A WAVE January 2019
This issue: DYSTOPIA • Biotech • Neural interface • Decentralized Internet 
The year is off to a rocky start. In these uncertain times, one of the few things we can rely on is that the embrace of negativity, like that of the winter cold — or like reading a new Houellebecq novel — has a tonic effect on the soul! Our entrepreneurial passion is stimulated by these strong sensations. And this is also the reason I like dystopian approaches to technology. If you were to ask me ‘Why DYSTOPIA?”, I’d answer: not to indulge in negativity, but to give a new impetus to our individual and collective lives and intelligences.
On behalf of the entire Presans team, I wish you a prosperous new year, full of challenges overcome!
Albert Meige, CEO & Enchanteur @ Presans
Dystopia : Technology for better… or for worse
DYSTOPIA is an ecosystem-based alternative event exploring the impact of technology on society… An event that would not be possible without the support provided by our partners and sponsors: CCI Essonne, Roland Berger, Telecom ParisTech, Academy of Technologies.
Join this list and become our partner and/or sponsor! Supporting DYSTOPIA gives your organization privileged access to a unique audience of industrial decision-makers: about 200 executives of industrial innovation will experience DYSTOPIA in 2019.
Five quick insights on CRISPR
CRISPR systems are a technology that allows targeted modification of the nucleic acid sequence of a DNA molecule. They consist of the artificial association of an enzyme and an RNA sequence whose function is to guide the CRISPR system towards the targeted DNA segment. This technology is a game changer for genetic engineering. It also opens potentially dystopian perspectives.
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Five quick insights on the decentralized web
More and more technological players are discussing the decentralization, or rather the re-decentralization of the Internet. This summary, based on Presans Platform data, presents the main aspects of the problem.

Five quick insights on neural interfaces
A neural interface is a system that allows a user to control and communicate with a computer only through brain activity. This Presans Platform fact sheet takes stock of the evolution and prospects of this technology. 

The breakthrough of COMATCH in the world of management consulting
COMATCH’s specialty lies in management consulting, a market in full development in France and elsewhere.
Media Review
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Latest trends in innovation management
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