December 2020


This issue: Future of Quantum Technologies


For as long as I can remember, the question "what is reality" has always made me dizzy. At the age of 42, I obviously still don't have the answer (except of course 42). On the other hand, the question is enriched across multiple dimensions: physical, metaphysical, philosophical, political, business etc.. And of course, when we want to anticipate the impact that quantum technologies are likely to have on society and business, all these dimensions are concerned. This dossier on quantum technologies brings me back to one of the first books I read on the history of physics when I was still in high school: Schrödinger's Cat by Gribbin. This dossier also leads me to think that, crisis or no crisis, scientific and technological expertise remains essential to prepare for the breakthroughs that are coming, starting with the sorting out the empty announcements from the real upheavals. Understanding reality today, to be part of it tomorrow. 

Albert Meige, Founder & Enchanter @ Presans


How can we overcome the uncertainties surrounding the quantum computer?


Quantum information technologies are currently surrounded by an impressive amount of hype. But what is really behind the announcements?


Disruptions on the horizon: quantum telecommunications


Cryptography is the most mature area of quantum information technology, and the expected advances in this field will have a major disruptive effect.


Detecting everything: quantum sensors


Quantum sensors and radars: why is everyone talking about them, and should we expect upcoming upheavals from these new technologies?


Enter the synergies of the post-quantum world!


Quantum information technologies are going to hit hard. But where and how? Let's organize together to find the best answers to this question.


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