May 2021


This issue: AI-enabled Human Machine Interfaces


A man-machine interface is like a joke: if you have to explain it, it's not a good one... I think that's why I love my iMac. The interface is simple and well thought out. It allows me to maximise my productivity. That's also probably why I don't like Outlook (which I'm now forced to use): too many options and settings I don't need. A good man-machine interface is one I forget to notice, but thanks to which I don't forget anything and  am more efficient. I dream of an interface that allows me to communicate my thoughts to my iMac, to go even faster. The dream will soon turn into reality...

Albert Meige, Founder & Enchanter @ Presans


AI-enabled HMI design is a hot academic trend


AI-enabled HMI design is a highly active academic field with implications and forward-looking information on future consumer and industrial trends.


Car manufacturers' brand strategies impacted by new AI-enabled HMI technologies


AI-enabled automotive HMI technologies are maturing fast, with varying degrees of human interaction and a high impact on brand competitiveness.


Warehousing: safety and voice feature heavily in new AI-enabled HMI technologies


Warehouse applications of AI-enabled HMIs have reached a high level of maturity with a focus on safety and optimization by training.


The three characteristics of AI that will bring changes and challenges in HMI design 


There are three characteristics of AI which need to be taken into account by HMI designers: learnability, intentionality, and augmentation.


In this post-COVID age, breakthrough innovations are a way for corporates to reinvent themselves and generate high and durable growth. We have good news for  those of you who embrace that challenge:  we have concrete evidence that the risk of breakthrough innovation can be managed in a way that combines :

  • control that is usually only associated with slower incremental innovation
  • speed that is usually only associated with risky startup acquisitions

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