January 2022


This issue: Appetite for disruption


In 2020, the highly energetic electron beam was penetrating the plasma in the vacuum chamber. Quite quickly, from 2021, instabilities linked to wave-particle interactions accelerated the thermalization of the beam - it must be said that the third principle of thermodynamics imposes an increase in entropy ... In 2022, my objective is to violate the laws of physics so that the total energy of the system increases, and so that one plus one is strictly greater than two… Any resemblance to the acquisition of Presans by ADL is purely fortuitous :-) Friends of science and technology, in the name of all the Presans team, I wish you a happy new year 2022!

Albert Meige, Founder & Enchanter @ Presans


The food value chain has changed dramatically over recent years – and promises to continue transforming, with ecosystems becoming ever more complex. Based on a comprehensive study carried out with three major players in the food value chain, Presans’ and Arthur D. Little’s latest article explores the trends and scenarios shaping the future of food.

Interview Albert MEIGE - Préparez vous à naviguer les vents de la disruption ! - Agrovif 2021

[FRENCH]  Albert speaks about disruption in the agrifood sector


Discover the 3 major trends that impact all industrial sectors and in particular the process industries such as the agrifood sector. These trends force companies to rethink the way they manage innovation, and also to completely rethink their organization.

Appetite for Disruption: Making the most of the future of food - webinar Arthur D. Little / Presans

Appetite for Disruption: webinar with the former R&D Director of Danone


On December 6th 2021, Presans co-hosted with Arthur D. Little an executive webinar on the Future of Food. During this webinar, Danone’s former R&D DIrector shared his views on the trends that are currently (re)shaping the food sector. In 2033, Danone might not sell water anymore, instead, Danone might sell a hydration service...


[FRENCH] Adapting law and business to the AI: Mission (im)possible? 


As the Vice-President of the Advanced Technologies HEC Alumni Club, Albert would like to invite you to an exceptional event on 31 January at 6pm at the crossroad of artificial intelligence technology, ethics, law and business.

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         Media Review

  • Metaverse – The Next Digital Revolution For Business?, Beyond Games.biz;
  • Le triple défi des P-DG dans un monde complexe, HBR France;
  • Metaverse : un univers virtuel pour une nouvelle économie bien réelle, HBR France

Whitepaper: Experts Create Problems


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