June 2020

  Arthur D. Little acquires Cutter Consortium and Presans to expand open consulting capabilities  

This issue : Future of PRESANS


When I founded Presans 10 years ago - I was then a researcher at École Polytechnique - Presans mobilized the best experts in the world mainly to help its clients solve complex technical problems. In recent years, we have been called upon to intervene more and more on projects at the crossroads of strategy consulting and scientific and technical expertise.

The time had therefore come to strengthen our operation.

Among the global consulting firms, Arthur D. Little, founded by the eponymous MIT chemist in 1886, is the one we felt closest to, in terms of culture (very entrepreneurial), DNA (importance of science and technology) and industrial sectors.

Today, the Presans team and I are very pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Presans by Arthur D. Little. This is great news for the world of industrial innovation. Together, with increased energy and geographic reach, we will continue to use  technological innovation as a way of leveraging the transformative and resiliency potential of businesses and industrial ecosystems.

This acquisition is a source of pride for Presans. It validates our choice to build a consulting platform focused on scientific and technical expertise, capable of anticipating future transformations with a strong grounding in the realities of the world of industrial innovation.

One thing will not change at Presans: the entrepreneurial culture, oriented towards results for our clients. We will continue to be guided by excellence and impertinence, while making our own the ADL motto: "who said we couldn't do it?”.

Albert Meige, Founder & Enchanter @ Presans


Arthur D. Little – Presans: an exceptional and highly symbolic acquisition in a context of global lockdown


There are good reasons why the acquisition of Presans by Arthur D. Little is great news for the world of industrial innovation.


Reducing your carbon footprint in a post-COVID19 world


How can different industrial players position themselves to reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring their development?


Will the carbon capture market develop?


Carbon capture, sequestration or utilization devices are among the avenues being seriously investigated to help achieve carbon neutrality. What are the market prospects for these technologies?


We Are Resilient #1: In France we print masks


We Are Resilient webinars bring together stakeholders and experts in industrial resilience to share and compare their experiences and visions. The theme of the first session is: In France, we manufacture masks.


At Presans we mobilize Elite Experts across a large variety of scientific disciplines and technological fields to deliver the information our industrial clients need in order to drive innovation.


Whitepaper: Experts Create Problems


In this Whitepaper, we uncover and describe :

  • Three distinct species of experts;
  • Essential skills of experts;
  • How companies can better leverage experts.

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