July 2020


This issue : Future of 3D Printing


I have been convinced of this for a long time: mission-driven companies are the future. The mission of Presans has always been to support the transformation of companies into open organizations. Today, we do this by identifying and empowering  synergies between different sectors and industrial players. To overcome the coming economic crisis, we must increasingly be able to converge and mutualize key resources. This was true ten years ago, when I launched Presans, and it remains true today.

Albert Meige, Founder & Enchanter @ Presans


3D printing: a second wind for the 2020s


3D printing is looking to expand well beyond its current technological niches. Can it become a general-purpose technology that generates more innovation?


The Smart Factory, is it now?


While the smart factory remains a major technological theme, the road leading to it is not an easy one. Where do different industrial sectors stand in this respect?


Relationships between large groups and SMEs: sometimes it works!


Our We Are Resilient webinar recently shed some exciting light on the topic of corporate/SME relationships, through the innovative Ocov mask project. Our guide takes you through the stages and key ideas of this discussion.


Pharmaceutical industry: everything to be rebuilt


We recently held a roundtable discussion with four leading experts to address, with zero waffle content, the issue of the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Our guide takes you through the stages and key ideas of this discussion.


At Presans we mobilize Elite Experts across a large variety of scientific disciplines and technological fields to deliver the information our industrial clients need in order to drive innovation.


Whitepaper: Experts Create Problems


In this Whitepaper, we uncover and describe :

  • Three distinct species of experts;
  • Essential skills of experts;
  • How companies can better leverage experts.

         Media Review

  • "Arthur D. Little Acquires Cutter Consortium and Presans to Expand Open Consulting Capabilities”, Business Wire ;
  • "Arthur D. Little acquires on demand consulting platforms”, Consultancy.org ;
  • “The Emergence of Open Organizations”, Albert Meige, HEC Paris ;
  • Top Experts Speak At Fi Conference And Future Of Nutrition Summit, World Bakers

Presans: top talents and experts. All over the world. On request.


Take advantage of our vast network of more than 6M talents, experts and technologists and meet the most complex industrial challenges! Technological problem solving, strategic decision support.... Overcome these obstacles one by one with our services!

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Latest trends in innovation management


In this book, the authors provide an up-to-date overview of the latest trends in innovation management. Innovation Intelligence has been ranked #2 on Amazon in the innovation category.